The Equinox | September 22 - A Time For New Beginnings And Letting Go

Just the other day I was expressing to my husband how powerful the fall is for me.  I told him I felt like it was a time for new beginnings, to set new goals, and to let go of the past.  I also feel this way when spring hits.  Perhaps it's because of the seasons beautiful changes in nature or could there be a little more at play?  I came across this article today and it made me think just a little bit deeper as to why I have such a strong sense to expand myself personally and spiritually at these times.  Anyone else feel this way?

The Equinox. Nature’s Powerful Energetic Message
By Stacy Vajta
It’s the Equinox (September 22, 2021 7:49am PDT), a day where the sunrise and sunset are 12 hours apart, giving equal hours to day and night. It’s one of four important dates that are linked to nature and her energetic cycles, as well as the cosmic cycles or patterns that affect us all.
fall image The Equinox. Natures Powerful Energetic MessageHere where I live, we are shifting into the fall. The Autumnal Equinox marks nature’s entry into a new year. And just as in nature, as the leaves begin to fall, the crop cycles complete and we harvest what can sustain us through the winter, energetically we do the same.
The energetic vibration of the fall equinox signals a time for us to begin to move our energy within. And with this energetic shift, we begin to let go of what no longer sustains us, while we asses what we wish to pull deeply into our being to transform throughout the winter and emerge anew in the spring.
And for those stepping into spring, the message is just as clear. However, with the Vernal Equinox nature speaks to you in full creation.
The spring equinox energetically begins a process where the energy shifts from intent into form. The spring equinox takes us beyond the deeper “planning” and the architecture of what we chose to create as Spirit, and allows us to step into a wonderful partnership with Nature to bring things into bloom! And for those celebrating the spring now, this “planning” stage that is transforming within you now was set in motion the previous fall, when you began what we here in the north are doing now.
spiral tree The Equinox. Natures Powerful Energetic Message
So you can see, the Equinox is a very powerful time with a clear energetic message held in nature and the Devic Realm that urges us forward in motion in our own spiritual evolution. It does indeed have its own signature of energy, which can be felt – and used – as a tool in your energy work.
To get to that level of energetic information, we need to tune into the Devic Realm. And once we do, we can begin to recognize that force in its many shapes and forms. There’s certainly a hierarchy in this realm of consciousness which supports us.
The word “Deva” is from the Sanskrit language, meaning “a being of brilliant light” and is used to indicate a non-physical being. I think of the Devic Realm as including what I see as the Overlighting Devas, or the archetypal spiritual intelligences behind all that we create here, as well as Pan and Nature Spirits, those energetic forces behind nature and that support bringing that consciousness into form.
This energy is present at all times but shifts as we move through our own personal cycles with the seasons; and it has a different feel and intent depending on if you are celebrating winter, spring, summer or fall.
So how can you connect into this energy as you celebrate the equinox?
My favorite way to experience this energy is to simply be in meditation at the time of the equinox. I find that if I move deep within the earth, as well as connecting up into the energies above me I actually feel a shift at the time of the equinox. I try to pay special attention to that Devic Realm, where nature speaks, as I stay open to what message awaits me.
You can try this too! Call in your guides, the nature spirits and the overlighting devas…the over-lighting consciousness of what you want to be working with. Think of it as the spirit of things like healing, your work, your family…whatever. It’s the consciousness that informs the the form!
And then as you are connected into these energies, feel into them. See what is there for you as you hold the bigger picture that you are either in a place of bringing these into form (spring) or allow them to finalize and transform into something new (fall).
I’m already feeling the pull to draw my energy within and explore what I need to let go of and what I’ve been holding onto that is holding me back. And the energy that I am experiencing now as I feel into the equinox is that of great support to let go. It feels like open arms and a deep encouragement to release. I’m actually excited to fall into the autumnal equinox energy and feel the energy that feeds me as I let go.
If meditating and working with your energy in that way isn’t how you connect into this rich energy and support, head out into nature. But as you do, allow yourself to look deep into the energy that is present. Feel into the quiet energetics of the season and listen within to what you are drawn to act on or do for your own healing. And then let yourself have the time to do that.
You may be in creation mode (spring) or in a phase of gathering up information (harvesting) or starting the process of moving within to let go (dropping your leaves so to speak). We each have our own unique timing, but the message that is inherent in the energy of the equinox is there to support us and guide us to the next phase on our journey.
Today, listen in to that message…it comes with love.

Article via  http://www.lightworkersworld.com/2012/09/the-equinox-message/