Fall Fun At The Calgary Corn Maze | Pink Antler Photography

The shadows are long, the air is crisp, the leaves give way to the gentle pull of the Earth, and the evening sunlit clouds seem to reflect a mystical golden hue.  It's Fall again...a beautiful and magical season.
Of all the years we have lived in Calgary, this is the first year we went to the Corn Maze.  It was really fun!  I wish we would have brought the kids here when they were a bit younger but none-the-less, they still had a blast.  Especially at the slide.  At this time of year the cornfield is chopped and way tot easy to navigate through the maze but it made for some pretty cool pictures.  Glad to have had some family time with my sister and her family! We have 7 boys between the two of us and when we get together it's a lot of loud and a lot of fun:)


20 Ways To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

Not sure about you, but outside my window is a freaking blizzard!  So I was trying to come up with ways to celebrate the long anticipated arrival of spring.  For me this is truly reason to celebrate after such a long and cold winter.

1. Do 108 Sun Salutations or just watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee.
2. Meditate.
3. Buy fresh flowers for the home.
4. Make a terrarium.
5. De-clutter your home.
6. Fill up or buy a bird feeder.
7. Decorate or put out eggs to symbolize the circle of life and new beginnings.
8. Make paper flowers out of old books, newspaper, or tissue paper.
9. Start a gratitude journal.
10. Set some personal goals, write them down, and watch them come to life.
11. Throw on a spring colored table cloth on your kitchen table. Don't forget to add the fresh flowers!
12. Replace old couch cushions with bright and happy spring colored ones.
13 Throw on some happy music, turn up the volume, and dance.
14. Smudge your home to rid of negative energies and to attract positive ones.
15. Buy a new plant to help purify the air in your home or plant some seeds and watch them grow.
16. Develop those images that you've been procrastinating doing and put them into frames.
17. Call a friend or family member that you've been thinking about.
18. Do something nice for someone.
19. Fill a bath with flower petals and essential oils and don't get out until you're darn good and ready!
20. Feel and give gratitude for this beautiful Earth, the change of season, and all your blessings - big and small.


Kicking Off The Holidays - Christmas Tree Hunting

This was so much fun!  Although, finding the perfect size and shape was a bigger challenge than I expected.  I loved driving out to the country while listening to Christmas music and trudging off into the forest to find our perfectly imperfect tree.  Checklist for tree hunting:  bundled kids, a willingness to listen to some complaining from kids but mostly from husband (ha ha), a saw, a sleigh to pull the tree, tie-downs, permit and map, snacks, hot chocolate, and some Christmas tunes.

Our tree is up and all decorated in shiny brights and twinkling lights.  While the scent of freshly cut spruce fills the air, I reminisce of the fun we had out in the forest in search of the this monument that would bring the Spirit of Christmas into our home.  Let the Festivities begin!

You can purchase a permit through Alberta SRD or the Junior Forest Warden Association.  Only $5 for 3 trees.  Happy tree hunting!


A Collection of Vintage Cameras and Quotes | Pink Antler Photography

This is me getting creative with the things that I love.  Photography, Photoshop, vintage camera's, and positive thoughts.  I can't get enough of the thrill of finding these babies at thrift shops, garage sales, flee markets, and antique stores. Yes, they are cheep thrills that bring me joy.  Especially when I find out the camera actually works!


The Shops at Station 8 | Antiquing Montana

Montana is known for its whimsical roadside antiquing.  It's one of the reasons why I love to vacation there.  That and its heart-stopping beauty (of course).  Last summer I came across this old train station that was turned into the most amazing and inspiring antique shops I've been to.  I spent hours there, just looking, and getting all giddy inside.  She sells everything from antiques, up-cycled home decor, handmade jewelry, for the garden, and more.

I approached the shop owner, Colette Gross and asked if she would mind if I took some pictures.  She was so welcoming and such a delight to talk to. She had so much to talk about and share with me.  I, myself sometimes daydream about opening up a store, so it was really nice to get her feedback on the amount of time and energy it takes to run a business.  Not only is she the owner and operator of this shop, she also holds seminars for women on how to become a successful entrepreneur.  This woman is so full of life, energy, knowledge, and inspiration, it's off the hook!  And she has a really kick @$$ shop.  I just love her spirit. 

Visit her website at www.station8antiques.com and "like" her page on facebook. If you are ever near Columbia Falls, this shop is a must! 

I bought a huge globe from her for my collection.  But now that I'm looking back at these pictures, I'm regretting not buying more (tear).  I WANT the Hot Springs sign! So cool.  And I Love the typewriting quote on "Love". So very true.