Build A Beautiful Succulent Arrangement

 I felt inspired to build this arrangement for several reasons.

1. Sometimes... I get bored.
2. I've been eyeballing the Jade plant for a while.  Not sure why.  They just seem happy.
3. Any excuse to hang out at the greenhouse.
4. Living plants purify the air.  With 4 boys in the house, I'm gonna need some plants!
5. Green symbolizes prosperity and who doesn't want to prosper?
6. I love playing with dirt. There's just something so peaceful and therapeutic about it.

Ok So, You will need:

An aprox 10" glass container,  5"high
1 bag of sand
1 bag of pebbles
1 bag of glass pebbles
3-4 4" succulent plants

Step 1.  Visit your local greenhouse for the best quality succulents.  Don't forget to smell the air and indulge in the humidity while you're in there.  Take your time.  These things can't be rushed.

Step 2.  Choose 3-4 4" plants depending on the size of your glass container. 
Step. 3  Base coat your glass container with sand and then situate the pots in a visually appealing manor.  Do not take the pots out of the containers as the plants need these to drain. Be sure the tops of the pots sit below the rim of the glass bowl.
Step 4.  Fill remaining space between plants with more sand and then small pebbles.  Near the top, you can add some glass pebbles or larger rocks. You be the artist.  Be sure to cover the edges of the pots with the rocks so you don't see them.
Step 5.  Step back and enjoy your beautiful creation.  Succulents like a lot of sunlight so choose it's dwelling accordingly.


Earth Day | The Long Way Home

I have the best intentions in doing my part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I think about the quality of life I want for my children,  grand children, etc. so that one day they will hopefully be a part of a healthier environment and generation.  I do admit, I'm not perfect in this intention.  A lot of guilt overcomes me at times when I throw stuff in the garbage because my recycling bin is full or if I cannot bear to rinse a rancid container of Fromage Cottage.  Blahhhh! 

This day was an exceptionally busy one for me - full of editing and volunteer work for my son's school band.  But in between all the craziness, I knew it was gonna be a magical day for pictures.  The sky was incredibly blue and the clouds were low and puffy with heavy grey bottoms.   I took the long, scenic way home after picking the kids up from school that day just because I knew it would be more glorious.  And it was!  This particular day inspired me to stop and make time amongst all the madness to appreciate the beauty and wonders all around.  To me, Earth Day means just that - taking the time to STOP and appreciate the world that we take for granted, and to play an active roll in doing the things we need to do to help protect this planet we call HOME.

With great love in my heart for the Earth and it's perpetual beauty, Happy Earth Day!
  Click here to read about the origin of Earth Day. 


Unique Nests Ideas from Etsy

I guess I gotta thing for birds and nests.  Even better, PERSONALIZED bird nests! Quite fitting for this time of year, I'd say.  These items are all for sale on Etsy and are handmade by different artists.  I love shopping on Etsy! Personally, I would way rather spend the extra money to buy something handmade, as opposed to something that came off the assembly line.  I have a great deal of appreciation for the time, care, attention, and love that these artisans put into their work.  Did I mention that I LOVE Etsy?!?  It's the perfect one stop shop for that perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself ;)

Mom's Nest - Personalized Rocks

Newborn Fur Nest Prop For Photographers

Baby Girl Theme Shower Invitations

Original Bird Nest Etching

 Striped Bird Nest Throw Pillow

Bird Nest Crochet Necklace

Nest and Old Barn Photograph