The Shops at Station 8 | Antiquing Montana

Montana is known for its whimsical roadside antiquing.  It's one of the reasons why I love to vacation there.  That and its heart-stopping beauty (of course).  Last summer I came across this old train station that was turned into the most amazing and inspiring antique shops I've been to.  I spent hours there, just looking, and getting all giddy inside.  She sells everything from antiques, up-cycled home decor, handmade jewelry, for the garden, and more.

I approached the shop owner, Colette Gross and asked if she would mind if I took some pictures.  She was so welcoming and such a delight to talk to. She had so much to talk about and share with me.  I, myself sometimes daydream about opening up a store, so it was really nice to get her feedback on the amount of time and energy it takes to run a business.  Not only is she the owner and operator of this shop, she also holds seminars for women on how to become a successful entrepreneur.  This woman is so full of life, energy, knowledge, and inspiration, it's off the hook!  And she has a really kick @$$ shop.  I just love her spirit. 

Visit her website at www.station8antiques.com and "like" her page on facebook. If you are ever near Columbia Falls, this shop is a must! 

I bought a huge globe from her for my collection.  But now that I'm looking back at these pictures, I'm regretting not buying more (tear).  I WANT the Hot Springs sign! So cool.  And I Love the typewriting quote on "Love". So very true. 

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